Made In USA

Mansfield is one of only three companies still operating pottery plants domestically. Utilizing highly automated production processes, Mansfield precision manufactures millions of pieces of sanitaryware per year at its Perrysville, Ohio, plant alone. In Henderson, Texas Mansfield manufactures all of its bathware products. With more than 600 employees, Mansfield is one of the largest domestic producers of sanitaryware, and is proud to stamp many of its products with “Made in the USA.”

Many Mansfield products meet the “Made in America” requirement for construction projects funded under the Buy American provision of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) of 2009, designed to protect American workers by saving and creating jobs.

For over 90 years, Mansfield Plumbing Products has based its business on this very objective. Nearly every product sold by Mansfield complies with the Buy American Act (BAA), including, but not limited to, our commercial application products.

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BAA Compliant

Under the BAA, government procurement contracts generally give preference to the purchase of products that are substantially transformed in the United States, while Section 1605 of the ARRA requires that only domestically manufactured “iron, steel, or manufactured goods” be used in ARRA funded projects.

TAA Compliant

In addition, the Trade Agreements Act (TAA) of 1979, as amended, can result in certain “foreign” products being treated the same as “domestic” ones in specific procurements. The TAA generally authorizes the waiver of “any law, regulation, procedure, or practice regarding Government procurement” that would result in “eligible products” from countries with which the United States has a trade agreement, including Mexico, Canada, Taiwan and other countries.