Corona, Our Parent Company

Organizacion CORONA is a Colombian multinational company with more than 129 years of business history. It consists of eight strategic business units dedicated to the manufacturing and marketing of home improvement and construction products. It has 17 manufacturing plants in Colombia and two in the US, as well as a global supply office in China, a tile and electrical insulator commercialization company in the U.S. and another commercialization company in Mexico. It creates more than 10,000 jobs worldwide and exports its products to various markets around the world including U.S., Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Venezuela, Central America, Caribbean, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Russia, Israel and the United Kingdom.

CORONA is the market leader in Colombia in the categories of its core products and is a solid competitor in other international key markets.

All the internal and external operations carried out by CORONA are based on the company’s Code of Conduct and Ethics which outlines its values, promoting transparent business practices as well as the personal and professional development of its employees and in the communities where it operates.

CORONA Business Units

CORONA Organization consists of the following Business Units:

Pisos y Paredes CORONA (CORONA Tiles) is dedicated to the manufacturing and marketing of ceramic tiles for floors and walls, as well as trims. Its a leader in the Colombian market with 45 percent of sales in the new product lines; the ones released over the last three years.  It consists of five production plants and two administrative offices located in the departments of Cundinamarca and Antioquia.  It works with cutting edge technology and meets the highest standards of quality in order to offer its customers and consumers the best products to fit their needs. This has allowed it to be the only Colombian manufacturer of porcelain tiles that offers greater mechanical resistance than ceramic tiles. Additionally, it markets its products in the United States through Orchid Ceramics and has a commercial operation of its own in Mexico.

Sanitarios y Lavamanos CORONA (CORONA Sanitary Ware). It is dedicated to the manufacturing and marketing of sanitary ware, sinks and vanities, bidets and porcelain accessories. It is a recognized leader in the Colombian market and holds major market positions in Venezuela, Ecuador, United States, Canada, Chile, Honduras, Jamaica, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Panama, Costa Rica, Guatemala, El Salvador, Puerto Rico, Peru and Cuba, among others. It has two  factories with the latest technology and two world class distribution centers.

Grifería y Complementos CORONA (CORONA Faucets & Accessories): Its products are identified with the GRIVAL and CORONA brand. CORONA Faucets & Accessories was founded on March 26, 1967, under the name of Grifos y Válvulas SA – GRIVAL. It relies on advanced technology, modern and updated equipment and specialized technical consultants, offering a wide variety of products and holding a significant market share. Its advanced technology allows it to be highly innovative and to stay ahead with quality products that meet global market requirements. It exports its products to over 10 countries in North, Central and South America.

Insumos y Materiales de Construcción CORONA (CORONA Raw and Construction Materials). Dedicated to mining activities and the processing of raw materials for the development of various ceramic processes, as well as to the manufacturing and marketing of products which constitute integral solutions for installation, completion and maintenance of floors, walls, roofs and facades of buildings in construction or in the remodeling processes, as well as “dry mortars” for “shell and core” work and products for “trade and installations” including paints and light construction systems. The support and recognition given by the CORONA brand is synonymous of high certified quality products, services with the best technical support in the use of the products, timely deliveries and easy access and availability in retail  stores

Gamma- Aisladores CORONA (Gamma- Electrical Insulators).  Is a company that manufactures and markets insulators for companies and distributors of the electric energy industry. It has a broad portfolio of specialized products for this sector which include distribution and transmission insulators, bushings for high and low voltage, porcelain for disconnectors, surge arresters and circuit breakers, among others. Additionally, it markets its products in the U.S. through Gamma Insulators.

CORONA Complementary Business Units

Vajillas CORONA (CORONA Dinnerware):  One of the oldest and most recognized manufacturers of its kind in Colombia and Latin America. It produces two product lines, one for home consumers with many different collections and another for institutions such as hotels and restaurants, as well as exclusive products for third parties. The main export destinations of Corona Dinnerware are England and U.S. markets, where products with globally recognized brands are also commercialized. It also exports home line products to Central America, Venezuela and Ecuador. In addition through retailers in U.S. and Mexico it reaches such markets with its institutional line.

Almacenes CORONA (CORONA Specialty Retail). Business unit that  sells solutions for floors, bathrooms and kitchens, offering affordable design for all tastes, a wide range of financing options and remodeling services. It has three formats: Hipercentro CORONA, which currently has 15 sales locations nationally, Tiendas Cerámicas CORONA, outlet stores of which there are twelve in operation, and CORONA’s Inspiration Center, of which there are two centers located in Bogotá and Cartagena.  It is a new concept of experiential marketing that is developed for visitors to have a real-life atmosphere experience, seeing different possibilities of designs and decoration.

Hipercentro CORONA, besides selling a  wide range of CORONA products and of the best national and international brands, it specializes in the execution of complete projects by making the remodeling process easier, adding value to consumers through personal advice, computerized design, finance and payment options, delivery, installation and warranty.

Sodimac Colombia S.A. It is a Colombian – Chilean company in which Organizacion CORONA holds 51 percent and Grupo Falabella from Chile 49 percent. The company’s business formats are Homecenter and Constructor (Builder). HOMECENTER has 19 stores nationwide and 17 CONSTRUCTORs , located in the following 9 cities: Bogota, Medellin, Cali, Barranquilla, Pereira, Ibague, Cartagena, Cucuta and Villavicencio. These chains offer all products and services that consumers need to conduct large and small projects related to home improvement and construction. Moreover, through the business model called DIRECT SALES TO BUSINESSES it provides companies with a full range of multi-brand products, becoming an effective and strategic ally for them.  It offers its customers 700 product categories, 21 families with about 45,000 references, which integrate its 5 departments: Garden, Construction, Hardware, Finishes and Decoration. This has enabled HOMECENTER to become the leader in the category of home improvement during its first 15 years of operation, and CONSTRUCTOR is the only chain store in Colombia focused on supplying construction professionals with the most extensive and complete range of inputs and services, all backed by an always low price policy.

129 Years of Tradition and a New Brand Image

Organizacion CORONA renewed its brand image when it reached 125 years of ongoing operations, integrating all its Business Units under one visual structure and consistent and consolidated brand architecture, in order to strengthen its leadership and generate profitable worldwide growth for the brand.

CORONA is engaged in achieving the following goals:

-Consolidate and strengthen its market share in the Americas, focusing on the final consumer and trade retail.
-Project and build the CORONA brand in the minds of all consumers as reliable, close, accessible and innovative.
-Build a clear and solid position as a world class company, committed to Colombia, innovative and a great place to work.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Since its origins over 129 years ago, Organizacion CORONA integrated Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as an essential element of its business strategy. It is one of the most important strategic guidelines for its development and growth. The company is engaged in various CSR projects mainly focused on the communities that are impacted by its operations, environment protection and eco-efficiency and housing, in order to promote sustainable economic development.

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